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Gadsden, Alabama Resident Reports Experiences

By Clint F.

I've only had a few experiences where I've seen strange figures and lights in the sky, the first vivid one that I can recall was in the year 2011, when a friend and I were sitting outside his home in the yard late at night talking about subjects like college, video games, and future plans. It was a chilly night and the pine trees loomed over us as the moon lit up the night sky.
As we paused to laugh at a joke, a bright blue series of lights had erupted above us, like a roman candle. Though many sightings appear like a spaceship, this would have been similar to a military aircraft's flairs, yet there was no aircraft heard or seen that would have flow that low to the ground, approximately a  mile above us. We tried to debunk it as other things, like meteorites, but nothing on our minds til this day can come up with anything else than a UFO.

There have also been times since then when a friend (as well as my younger brother) and I would be driving around, returning from social gatherings and the like, when we would see similar lights flash above us, this time the "flair-like" balls of flame would be white or orange in color. As of January of 2012, my closest friend that lives across town will contact me, reporting of seeing strange lights in the direction of my house from his outside view, too fluid in movement to be human aircraft and impossible to be a star, since the light or lights would blink and fade out of visibility.

The most unexplainable sighting was on a road trip's return from New Mexico, when me and my fiancee was driving across the Texan desert, a few miles outside Odessa. It was around 11pm and the night sky was cloudless, but something very odd stood out as we searched for the right radio station. Within a second's time, a large, bright blue orb "swooshed" upward just a few hundred feet above and in front of us, like exhaust from a rocket taking off. The object disappeared immediately after, but was possibly small in scale because of the size of the flame, and there is no possible explanation me or my fiancee could come up with, because any small scale craft would have given a sound during the blast, and if the color was as bright as a firework, the shape of the craft would have been given away as well.

But what kind of human aircraft gives off a cyan flame during a maneuver that would render a man unconscious by the G forces? Better yet, one that makes no sound that has the purpose to fly so low?

That moment was when I began research on sightings and UFO technology. I wish to propose a new theory regarding their existence and likely purposes here on Earth. 

UFO Sightings in Alabama

By Wayne Ruple

As if breaking through some dimensional barrier the lights appeared to whirl and
flash as the car spun round and round.
 The view from down the road gave the appearance of a very bad wreck and the
police officers, coming upon it, anticipated severe injuries.
 They pulled up near the wrecked vehicle in their patrol car and noticed how the
spinning, out of control car had actually crashed into the rock wall of the roadside cut.
 However, once out of their patrol car the officers were in for a bigger surprise.
 There was no one in the wrecked car nor had anyone been slung out of the
spinning vehicle! Another strange thing was the engine and engine compartment were
completely cold.
 Two officers had just seen what they assumed to be an accident happening before
their very eyes and when they arrived at the scene only seconds later they were shocked
to find no one in the car and an engine as cold as if it had never been cranked!
 Very frightened, the officers left the scene.
 But where had the car come from? Are we to assume that this vehicle crashed into
our reality in northwest Alabama from some other dimension? Did the officers really see
what they thought they saw and was the car really a car or something else? Was the story
a complete fabrication?
 The ?Heart of Dixie? has never been known as a hotbed of UFO activity but
following a well-publicized ?flap? around the small North Alabama town of Fyffe in
mid-1989 sightings have been on the increase statewide.
 Historically, the state had its first brush with things from outer space on the night
of Nov. 13, 1833 when a vast meteor shower gave the appearance of 200,000 ?shooting
starts? falling per hour across the state.
 Though the shower was observed throughout North America and Europe,
Alabamians had a front row seat due to ideal weather conditions.
 Many residents thought the end of the world had come and the event was
immortalized in the song ?Stars Fell on Alabama?.
Just north of the small town of Steele an old country road runs along the county
line between St. Clair and Etowah counties. The road, now paved, was once dirt and very
seldom traveled.

The writer?s mother recalls, how in her youth, she and a friend took a walk up the
road. They observed a small light, about the size of a small plate, moving on the ground
in front of them. The light did not appear as a ball but rather as a ?flat? light moving on
the road near their feet.
 During the late 1940s Esie Dothit observed weird balls of light float down the side  
of the mountain, cross the valley in which she lived and disappear behind the ridge north
of her home near Wellington.
Mrs. Dothit said she remembers when she stood in her yard and watched as the
lights, red and green in color, would come floating down the mountain in front of her
home. Usually they would come in groups and would ?fly? only a few feet off the
 Mrs. Robert Sharpton also remembered the lights. Once, she observed a glowing
light, several inches in diameter, float down the mountain behind her barn.
In the mid-1950s a craft supposedly crashed in southern Jefferson or northern
Shelby County near the location of the old Mustang Drive-In. Personnel from Maxwell
AFB near Montgomery were reported to have recovered this mystery craft.(1)
 One of the most famous sightings occurred over Alabama when, on July 24, 1948
at 2:45 a.m., over Montgomery,  Eastern Airlines pilot Clarence Chiles and co-pilot John
Whitted saw a glowing, wingless, cylindrical object streak past their plane. They reported
the object to be 100 feet long and 25-30 feet in diameter with two rows of windows and
said it appeared to maneuver to avoid a mid-air collision.(2)
 They described the B-29 size, cigar-shaped object as having a pair of rows of
windows or openings that emitted a bright glow. They also reported a bluish glow from
the pointed nose to the rear along the object?s underside. The object emitted an orange-
red exhaust. Some accounts say the DC-3 was rocked by the wash from the object, and an
intelligence report noted a sound was heard similar to that of a rocket. One passenger
reported a strange, intense streak out of his right side window.  
 Observers at Robbins Air Force Base near Macon, Georgia, reported seeing an
object of the same description about 30minutes before Chiles and Whitted's encounter,
traveling at a high rate of speed headed in the right direction to have been the same
Two Redstone Arsenal employees watched a bowtie shaped object make odd
flight patterns over Huntsville on July, 13, 1950.(4)
 USAF control tower operators, a USAF Office of Special Investigations officer
and others, on Aug. 28, 1952, observed six objects flying erratically up and down for
over an hour at Brookley.(5)
On Aug., 12, 1954 an emergency report was forwarded to the Commander of the
Air Defense Command after a red glowing object was observed for 35 minutes west of
the control tower at Maxwell Field, in Montgomery.

When first sighted, the object was   motionless, then it moved;

returned to it?s original position and became motionless again.
Four ground personnel along with observers in Columbus, Mississippi also saw the
object. A helicopter was sent to investigate and the pilot reported seeing a saucer-shaped
 A Wilmer man?s car went dead when he drove near an 8-feet diameter object
which had landed on a road near Georgetown on Jan. 7, 1966. He described the object as
cone-shaped with a flashing green light. The object hovered and departed at high speed
leaving a smell like sulphur.(7)
The Funk family of Gaylesville, Aug 26, 1966, watched a cluster of four small
lights flying in a triangular formation near their home.(8)
John Padgett, a BIRMINGHAM NEWS employee, and his wife were driving
from Gadsden to Birmingham in September, 1966 when they spotted a bright light sitting
about half a block off Interstate 59. The object appeared 15-20 feet in diameter, round,
with 15-20 pulsating lights.
In the fall of 1968 a friend of this writer was out looking for arrowheads in a field
in North Alabama when around 10 a.m. he noticed an unusual buzzing.
 ?I looked up and saw a large plane and it was very low . . . I became aware of
another object following at a distance. It appeared to be round, silver in color with a gray
band. It looked like three round windows in the band. I watched the object slowly
approach the plane. When it got to the tail, it flew down and under the plane,? stated my
 For years there have been tales of strange lights in Greasy Cove, just south of
Gadsden. On Jan. 24, 1969 a young man was driving through the area one foggy night
when he was followed by an unusual light.
 He said the light hovered above his car for awhile, almost causing the engine to
cut out. After a few minutes the light just vanished.
In Shelby County, in 1972, the Bill McCowan family claimed to have been  
abducted while driving home on U.S. 280 near Vincent. McCowan claimed he woke up
naked on a table with several small triangle-shaped heads talking to him via mental
telepathy. He later told the media he believed the aliens had experimented on him and his
 June, 1972, Peanuts Taylor of Leeds found a piece of material which fell in his
yard which turned out to be part of an ?experimental airfoil? being tested by Hayes Corp.
in nearby Birmingham.(10)



For we be breathren of the Rosie Crosse
We have the Mason word, and second sight
Things for to come we can foretell aright
1638 poem with first known suggestion Freemasons had occult powers

Could every one of our religions had origins in that other world - whereever and whatever it is?
The Moslem religion was founded when 40-year-old Prophet Muhammad had a vision of the angel Gabriel who presented him a silk cloth with holy writing.
The Mormon faith originated in 1821 when Joseph Smith was directed by the angel Moroni to locate engraved gold plates in an Indian mound in upstate New York which he translated into the BOOK OF MORMON which, like all holy books, conveniently disappeared after the translating.
The book OAHPSE was written in 1880 by New York dentist Dr. John Newbrough after he awoke to find beings, formed as pillars of light, instructed him to buy a typewriter and sit for an hour each day.*
Despite not knowing how to type, Newbrough turned out 1,200 words per hour which compiled a massive cosmology and history of the human race and revealing, for the first time, the existence of the Van Allen radiation belt around the earth - something only confirmed by scientists in the 1950s.
These large writings and others indicate connection with an outside intelligence, or a most unusual mind, and yet "their contents are fundamentally different and in some respects incompatible" notes Holroyd.
And as Holroyd points out these writing are not communication from His Omniscience or else they should all be the same and the information given should be true and point to other truths rather than creating more confusion.
However, he speculates, these "signs and wonders" are evidence the communications are external rather than psychological and "The most plausible hypothesis that emerges from a study of revelatory literature is that there exist a considerable number of communicators, themselves at different levels of spiritual evolution," and each one using different ways to support claims - miracles, mystery and vanishing holy books while  "at the lower end of the scale there would appear to be a category of mischievous, lying entity that is endowed with superpowers by human standards but is bent upon sowing confusion and discord on Earth." (p. A-210)
Researcher John Keel found this out when writing his THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES between 1965-68 in the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
Included in this history of perhaps the weirdist of the weird were UFO sightings confirmed by radar, poltergeists, cow mutimutilations, flying "Mothmen" and contactees receiving predictions.
The prophecies included the Pope being stabbed in the Middle East, Robert Kennedy in danger in a hotel kitchen and a nationwide power failure set for Dec. 15, 1967. 
What really came to pass was the Pope took a trip to the Mid-East with no problem but three years later, in Manila, he was attacked by a man with a knife.
The prophecy about Robert Kennedy was correct as he was assassinated in a hotel kitchen.
The nationwide power failure did not occur but at the exact time an old traffic-laden bridge across the Ohio River at Point Pleasant did collapse killing many people.
Keel believes there are a category of "ultraterrestrial" beings "who were the original inhabitants of this planet" and "These 'nonphysical beings from the world of higher frequencies' may resent man's take-over." (p. A-208)
The evidence so far would seem to indicate such.
And perhaps in an effort to keep us in the dark the ultraterrestrials have been busy down through the ages confusing mankind, edging us into Dark Ages and manipulating us toward the path of dumb.
When Carl Sagan wrote his THE DEMON-HAUNTED WORLD, the number one videocassette rental in America was "Dumb and Dumber" and one of the most popular TV shows, particularly among the young was "Beavis And Butthead."
And he noted, "The plain lesson is that study and learning - not just of science, but of anything - are avoidable, even undesirable." (p. D-26)
A mostly Biblically based book by Thomas Ady, issued in London in 1656 titled A CANDLE IN THE DARK attacked the on-going witch hunts as a scam to delude the people because many folks reasoned, how else could out of the ordinary things occur.
Says Sagan, "For much of our history, we were so fearful of the outside world, with its unpredictable dangers, that we gladly embraced anything that promised to soften or explain away the terror. Science is an attempt, largely successful, to understand the world, to get a grip on things, to get hold of ourselves, to steer a safe course. Microbiology and meteorology now explain what only a few centuries ago was considered sufficient cause to burn women to death." (p. D-26)
Ady also warned how whole nations could vanish for lack of knowledge.
Sagan asks, "I worry that, especially as the Millennium edges nearer, pseudoscience and superstition will seem year by year more tempting, the siren song of unreason more sonorous and attractive. Where have we heard it before?" (p. D-26)
And his answer should chill us all, "when we agonize about our diminished cosmic place and purpose, or when fanaticism is bubbling up around us - then, habits of thought familiar from ages past reach for the controls. The candle flame sputters. Its little pool of light trembles. Darkness gathers. The demons begin to stir." (p. D-27)
Organized religions would like to answer our questions along with a varied collection of prophets, UFO contactees and the like.
But doctrines and ethics established in medieval times or before might not be very valid in a very different world of today.
But if we look carefully the beings from the other world have been busy adjusting their style and their approach. From flying carpets to flying shields to flying saucers and from genies in bottles, elves in the English countryside to Orthon from Venus and almost embroynic creatures to awake us from our sleep.
Many of the ancient religious writings urged followers not to think or question the wisdom of God or the gods.
Mesmer, in his development of Mesmerism, urged his followers, "Forget for a while all of your knowledge of physics. Remove from your mind all objections that may occur. . . Never reason for six weeks. . . Be very credulous; be very preservering; reject all past experience, and do not listen to reason" and "never magnetize before inquisitive persons." (p. D-68-69)
Have we not heard such platitudes from the latter day sirens of the New Age led in part by kindly souls from outer space?ยจ
And how many dowsers, spoon benders, mind readers and contactees have you heard who want few people to question them and certainly no scientific mind in the area?
The contactees and channelers can spew forth reams and reams of meaningless love thy brother, don't pollute phrases but how many of them can really give a desertation on Fermat's Last theorem or on the Goldbach Conjecture?
Anyone can give vague moral judgments but the aliens seem totally incapable of providing concrete solutions and truths.
But look back!
In the 1940s and 50s the aliens gave dire warnings against nuclear weapons. Now the problem is environmental degradation and AIDS.
They seem to have conveniently grabbed a hot news topic and ran with it, building support among those who would listen and perhaps changing or helping change our thoughts and actions.
But how involved were they really? How much did we really listen to them or did they want us to think we were listening?
Sagan said he is puzzled they did not warn about certain things which were not known until later by our Earthbased scientists. They seem to have only warned mankind about things which we really already knew about.
As we approached the millenium there seemed to be an overabundance of predictions related to the year 2000. One abductee has predicted 2010 will be the year a "lot of shit happens"(p. 324 Mack) and according to a book THE KEYS OF ENOCH, the year 2004 was supposed be an important one. Alice Bailey's "Tibetan Master" Djwhal Khul, speaking through her, said one-third of humanity must be removed from the earth and 2.5 would be dead by 2000 to usher in the New Age.(p. 160 MYSTERY MARK OF THE NEW AGE by Texe Marrs, 1988 Crossway Books, Westchester
What is perhaps more frightening is additional pronouncements from some of these New Age gurus and their "spirit guides.
A Dr. Christopher Hyatt predicted much pain and bloodletting on a massive scale before the New Age would come. (p. 153 Texe Marrs)
New Age teacher John Randloph Price's spirit guide Asher said 2.5 billion people would perish in a coming chaos (note the figure 2.5 billion keeps coming up)and popular Ruth Montgomery said much turmoil and destruction could affect millions of people while Maharishi Yogi noted, "the unfit and ignorant won't survive." (p. 153 Texe Marrs)
One abductee spoke of a repopulation plan by a new hybrid race after "the destruction of the populations of the earth. . . in a blink of an eye." (p. 324 Mack)
Apparently there will be great shifts in the continental shelf and massive tidal waves will destroy much of the East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico and the South (p. 327 Mack)
"People will either change or die - that is the choice," said Barbara Marx Hubbard. (p. 27 Marrs)
What we are dealing with, I believe, is possibly beings from some sort of other dimension rather than from some other planet.
And since 10 percent or more of the population is able to see light frequencies above and beyond visible light, perhaps it is they who are getting a glimpse into this other fascinating and frightful world co-existing with ours.
These contactees may be viewing radiations, objects and invisible energies which most people cannot normally see.
Some have suggested the possibility the beings are actual mental constructs or tulpas - thought projections. These same people consider ghosts as the mental projected residues of powerful minds and UFOs and associated phenomenon are tulpas created by ancient people as there is a lot of UFO activity around ancient sites.
Science writer Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson felt UFOs are a "normal condition for this planet" (p. S-8) and called them OINTs.
He believed they lived here on earth concealed from us and that were a form of tulpa. "They are not from outer space. There is no need for them to be. They have always been here," he said. (p. S-9)
Several researchers have noted how the phenomena adjusts itself to support certain beliefs, even among researchers, and escalate that belief - hardly something I believe a space traveler would do
Erich Aggen, Jr., writing in an old issue of SAUCER NEWS speculated that some UFOs "might be advanced 'sensory organs' serving a multidimensional spacial intelligence."
These "organs," he said, would serve as eyes, ears and nose of a non-material intelligence and the "organs" would be artificially created for various purposes and tasks.
Such an intelligence, he speculated, would have no use for direct contact with mankind. A point well taken as it seems very few contacts are made which make much sense.
If contacts were made these could be accomplished with semi-robotic creations - "quasi-men" - programmed with rudimentary intelligence and simulated human thought, thus accounting for the "space people's" messages of peace, love, understanding and brotherhood -very basic human ideals.
Meade Layne of Borderland Sciences Research Associates in California advanced the idea that UFOs exist in another dimension and that they have the ability to "pop out" of their dimension into ours - this through a "mat" and "demat" process through which the objects' atomic vibratory rates are changed.
Former U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper is reported to have said he believes UFOs are visiting Earth from other planets.
Reuters reported on Nov. 28, 1978 that Cooper told a United Nations committee he felt a strong need for a top level, coordinated program to scientifically collect and analyze data from all over the earth and "to determine how best to interface with these visitors in a friendly fashion."
Associated Press quoted Cooper as saying, "The American space agency and government know that intelligent beings from other planets visit our world."
British government air historian Charles Gibbs-Smith was also quoted, "Everyone knows they exist. . . I know for a fact that Jodrell Bank tracks UFOs on its radar as a routine measure these days."
Many of the people claiming contact with the space brothers have gained much publicity. But there are other "contactees" who just seem to stumble upon these objects as they sit in highways or pastures. These are people who had rather not have the experience of meeting the 'space brothers" and having their lives messed up.
Their experiences with the "space brothers" are usually frightening and there are no messages of universal peace or love. Furthermore, the space people seem to appear in varied shapes and sizes, from small midgets, roaring giants to mechanical robotic creatures.
Lately there has been reports of possible mind manipulations and threats against UFO sighters and researchers.
Are we pawn in an age old galatic game?
Has an outside "intelligence" been busy manipulating humans toward a predetermined goal?
Are UFOs and other "Fortean' occurances evidence of this interaction?
Interesting motifs have developed as our civilizations have developed.
Between the second millennium and 627 B.C. the Assyraians saw objects resembling flying bulls while the Greeks, between 750 B.C. and 1460 saw flying horses; the Arabs, 622-1798, reported flying houses; the Persians, after 844, described flying carpets and the Romans, between 509 B.C. and the 5th century A.D., described flying shields and spears.
With the advent of Christianity in the first century A.D., history gives us reports of firey crosses and signs of eminent doom.
As the Renaissance dawned around 1453, those caught up in the euphoria reported flying galleys and caravels while the early French, beginning in 1783, saw flying globes following their first attempts at balloon flight. During the 1800s UFO reports took on the shape of spindles and cigars - familiar shapes to a growing industralized world.
Colin Blackmore of the University of Oxford says much of what we perceive is a construction of our own making - our own minds have been molded via heavy doses of social conditioning.
Could this social conditioning be a part of some "outside force?
Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung said the saucer shaped ships represent a mandala or spiritual wheel of order. Our modern unconsciousness projecting hopes from nuclear war. Were past sightings mandalas of those ages?
But what if mankind was a plant - an experiment? Or, what if, during our evolutionary path the earth was bathed in radiation which mutated our minds to a higher state - that people with higher sense perception represent a mutation in the nature of consciousness.
Grey Walter in his THE LIVING BRAIN says that the ability to remember and inquire is psychogenetically a recent development.
Some researchers claim that for such mutations to occur, radiation of a very short wavelenght or particles with very high energy would have to be employed and secondly, this "broadcast" would have to be modulated in order to transfer genetic characteristics much in the same way television images are transferred.
And where might such transmissions originate? Could they be coming from some other dimensions or from high radio emitters such as Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Eridani, 61 cygni A, Epsilon Indi or Tau Ceti?
Russian scientist I.S. Chklovski has speculated that quasars and pulsars may actually be a form of interstellar biological activity as could multiple star systems and type R stars.
And what if thousands of years ago some outside "intelligences" visited our planet and left behind transmitters or recorders which could be retrieved or signals received from at a later date?
There are some rather unusual metallic objects scattered around the globe and some researchers are of the opinion that these unusual objects may serve as data collectors similar to magnetic tape but highly perfected.
Such cubes could store up detailed data on everything happening on our planet over the last few million years. These collectors, in essence, would pick up radiations of everything around them and store the information.
Collectors of Fortean data are quick to point out that many strange and unusual objects have indeed been found worldwide.
What about the football-shaped object, covered with metal rods, which decomposed into a mass of metallic threads wound up into balls which fell in the late 1960s in Harrisburg, North Carolina?
Could many of the ancient temples and seats of the ancient world be located on a grid pattern?
Another Russian scientist M. Agrest has put for the theory that the Temples of Baalbek, originally dedicated to Hadad - the Syrian god of lightening, thunder and earthquakes, may actually have been a space port for interplanetary vehicles - or maybe machines from another time or place!
 The Japanese and Chinese say their original ancestors came to Earth via sky boats and the Hindu MAHABARATA tells of vimans from another world while our Bible tells accounts of "holy ground" which may have been an early way of saying "Radiation Danger - Keep Away.
Perhaps one of the best ways to determine what we are dealing with is to look at some of the messages.
New Agers have been parroting the sayings from the "other side" for some time and a few of their ideas are somewhat frightening.
New Age globalist Donald Keys has stated, "This planet has got to be managed," (p. 26 Marrs) while Foster Bailey of The Lucius Trust says, "Our children, and men . . . will have to live with the New Age standards. Those who do not will end up as irreconcible outcasts." (p. 27 Marrs)
And some of the New Age prophets have harkened back to the Biblical Mark of the Beast. "The Mark will come to be seen as the capstone of the new religion. Everyone will want it. Anyone who refuses it will be thought of as a weirdo, a rebel." p. (29 Marrs)
Whitley Streiber in COMMUNION relates how he met Isthar and awoke with two triangles etched on his arm.
Other contactees report changes in the lines on the palms of their hand - some finding six-pointed stars - and some said they learned to accept the changes in their bodies - even feeling special.
Today there is a growing interest and acceptance of tattooing.
A spirit claiming to be Mary appeared to Barbara Reuss in Marienfield , Germany and told Reuss, "I place my Sign on the forehead of my children." (p. 52 Marrs)
The author of THE KEYS OF ENOCH said 666 is the numerical sequence used by heavenly beings to communicate by specific light and sound harmonics to humans in an area above the third eye. (p. 70 Marrs) 



"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, 

but against principalities, against powers, 

against the rulers of the darkness of this world, 

against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Ephesians 6:14

All down through history there have been reports of little strange looking men who seemed to be interested in taking samples from Earth including all types of flora and fauna - vegetables, flowers, barks, moses, farm tools, dogs and clothes from wash lines - returning to their craft and sailing off into the sky.

Others reportedly fled underground.

On Nov. 6, 1957 in Dante, Tennessee and Everittstown, New Jersey the UFO occupants were after dogs. If we are to believe the reports, in Everittstown the dog owner was approached by a 3-feet tall being "with putty-coloured face and large frog-like eyes" dressed in a green suit and cap who said, "We are peaceful people; we only want your dog" (1)

All these actions, while intelligent, hardly seem the type we would expect of higher intelligences from across the universe but we might from a bunch of mischievous, silly elves.

While many UFO occupants are described as small beings like elves, fairies and leprechaun of folklore there are many contactees who report missing time - another connection with folklore when people reportedly lost time playing with those elves, fairies and leprechauns.

Some thought their journeys lasted  a little while only to discover hours and sometimes days missing. In the reverse there were other contactees who thought they had been away for many hours when only a few minutes had passed - thereby suggesting that their mind and perceptions had been played with by someone or something on a local level.

Other parallels can be drawn in the amorousiness of the "beings" such as the case of a young Brazilian farmer, Antonio Villas-Boas, who was reportedly abducted in October, 1957 and taken aboard a flying saucer where he was lured into a sex act by a very beautiful woman.

This, if true, may have been one of the earliest cases of reported sexual encounters between humans and aliens but it was certainly not the first.

The Bible records several possible incidents.

"The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they choose. . . the sons of God. . . came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them," (2)

In THE APOCRYPHA AND PSEUDEPIGRAPHA OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, written about the beginning of the Christian era and composed in Egypt, we read " Here shall stand the angels who have connected themselves with women, and their spirit assuming many different forms are defiling mankind." (3)

And our recent past shows a startling and continuous "defilement" down through history - first as devils consorting with women and now as big-headed, large-eyed, skinny space aliens - their spirit assuming many forms as the need and times change!

"And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children' . . . And they were in all two hundred, who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Herman. . . And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots and made them acquainted with plants. And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants." (4)

And in 1998 there were many women worldwide who claimed to have bore alien children who were taken from them and returned to the stars. The scheme hasn't really changed over a few thousand years.

These stories also parallel those old tales of men being sexually attacked by succubi.

Are humans designed to replay such foolishness in our minds or do we share our reality and world with aliens we can't quite figure out?.

Chicken farmer Joe Simonton of Eagle River, Wisconsin was, in April, 1961, supposedly given three wheat cakes by UFO occupants after he supplied them with fresh water - another example of "the Gentry and the food from fairyland," a common theme in folklore. (5)

Down through time mediums have given us evidence of other intelligences and while some charge that the utterances come from the mediums' own subconscious, those charges do not seem to hold up completely because if they do then we must concede that the minds of some men, and women, hold an unbelievable vast amount of knowledge - no matter how absurd it appears.

As one writer notes, "Either these mediums are, as they believe, 'channels', or they are creative geniuses of the first order." (6)

Through the ages much literature would seem to have been dictated on an almost mediumistic level.

Small, hairless alien beings with big heads and exceeding small bodies have been around in our literature since the 1920s when science fiction pulp magazines featured artists drawings similar to what abductees are reporting now 70 years later - large heads and eyes, undeveloped facial features, no eyebrows or genitals and smooth gray skin.

And in many of these situations individuals have an sense they have been and are being used.

And well they should considering the words from an occult primer warning about encountering manifestations with, "human shapes, or by shapes whose likeness may or may not exist in the natural world. . . be they elemental or angelic . . . The shapes generally assumed by demons as far from horrendous - at least to begin with, when their owners may still be trying to give a good impression: little children, gentle old folk and beautiful young people of either sex are some of their favourite human disguises. Though not themselves human, they will frequently display as much resourcefulness as the most cunning human being. They will flatter, charm, threaten and cajole the adept with consummate skill in an attmept to gain the upper hand." (7)

And the little men, if they really exists, appear to be studying our planet as they go about collecting vegetables, flowers, bark, mosses, farm tools, and clothes.

They, like the elves, fairies and leprachauns, are usually swift and nimble.

And like those who in the past reported visits to fairyland, so do the contactees as they recall lost time.

Writer Robert Anton Wilson believes our brains can indeed contact Higher Intelligences - advanced adepts who are both human and inhuman, terrestrial and extraterrestrial and located in what might be called a collection of the past, present and future.

In November, 1896, hundreds of residents in Sacramento, California saw a metallic, cylindrical craft floating through the heavens as did others in Omaha, Denver, Kansas City, Dallas and Fort Worth. One man went so far as to claim he had taken a ride on the strange craft and had visited with the strange people aboard - a pattern continued to the present day.

David M. Jacobs, an associate professor of history at Temple University and a UFO researcher for more than 30 years,  believes answers to UFOs lie in those who say they have been abducted by aliens,- especially those who speak of being the subjects of sexual experiments.

He believes the abduction phenomenon has shifted the UFO debate and after conducting more than 700 hypnosis sessions with 100 subjects says the new argument is what are they doing to us. 

Jacobs said  it appears the alien agenda is "using humans for selfish purposes."

Betty Ann Andreasson Luca remembers the night of Jan. 25, 1967 when a UFO landed in her back yard in south Ashburnham, Michigan.

Luca claims she watched as four, friendly, 3-feet tall aliens with pear-shaped heads, big eyes and three-fingered hand, walked through a solid door into her living room.

Their leader, Quazgaa,  communicated telepathically with her and told her she was in no danger and invited her aboard their spacecraft. She agreed and they floated her aboard the craft on a beam of light.

Inside the craft Luca underwent a painful medical examination before being placed inside a liquid-filled tube and taken to, the aliens' world in an alternate universe.

She said the aliens want to help prevent our own self-destruction and plan to slowly reveal their existence.

Through hypnotic regression Luca cliames she and other members of her family have been in contact with UFOs since childhood and her family has been tracked by the aliens.

The Lucas claim they frequently have been trailed by federal agents. They talk about black, unmarked military-style helicopters that fly over their home or hover nearby.


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"I believe it is a navigational and power system radiating energy"

Bruce Cathie

Geomagnetic changes have been noted and suspected during UFO sigtings. Gravity and/or the magnetic field is disturbed.

Could psychic activity disturb the gravity field or changes in the field create psychic activity?

Researcher Trevor Constable took infrared photos and found what he called magnetic fluxes or "critters" existing around us.

Other researchers have found immense energies in the structure of space. 

Topological worm holes may also exist allowing passage from one point in space to another without crossing over into ordinary space.

Austrian researchers have reported success in teleporting bits of light (photons) via quantum teleportation - a bizarre shifting of physical characterestics in which they disamble the photons and reassemble them three feet away. (1)

      Those bits of light called photons have been found to act differently when observed - as if our minds can affect them or can they read our minds!

Princeton physicist Hugh Everett III, in 1957, suggested we impose our perception of reality on the photons and suggested one light photon can exist in an "alternative universe" while the other appears to exist in our own.

He further suggested that what some call a quantum or light wave is really two photons in two different universes.

Physicist Sir Fred Hoyle even suggested paradoxes of quantum physics can only be explained if we accept future possibilities influencing the present. (2)

The German mathematician Zollner did studies on Riemann surfaces - many layers which were neither on top or on bottom of each other yet occupying the same space.

Could such a study of topology, topological folds or spatial folds, open the doors to some enchanted domain  - life on the other side of space?

Already there is some research into "atomic telephones" in which sound and images can be  transmitted across a solid by means of Mu Mesons.

Perhaps the pyramids and other places of power, including many of the ancient temples, are places in which humans - standing or sitting, may either be affected or be able to affect a point in time due to the precise geometric placement.

Iniation may have served to trigger ancient memories or bring about the opening of doors.

Iniation gestures, as well as movement abductees report aboard UFOs, may trigger us in some way.

Ancient temples and Indian mounds may be sacred architecture guarding the doors of other dimensions as much activity has been reported around these old sites.

UFO researcher and physicist Maurice K. Jessup felt that UFOs were coming through doors.

Strange activity at some sites seems to follow near the 11-year solar cycle.

The book OAHSPE supposedly tells how to construct "doors."

Do these doors emit gravitational waves?

Abductees have told how to move from dimension to dimension - where worlds exist within worlds. "You need to speed up the energy, and then you go to another dimension where the reality is different. In the transistion from one reality to another, you feel like you're contracting and expanding at the same time. . . It's like you become on the one hand, part of everything, and everything becomes part of you - at the same time you contract into an infinitesmal point." That, said one contactee, is the secret of moving from one dimension to another. (3)

And simple action seems to bring on contact. Ramtha appeared as an apprarition to Seattle housewife J.Z. Knight while she and her husband were making paper pyramids. 

A Benedictine Catholic monk claimed "the Goddess" came to him during meditation and he and she had "sacred" sex.

Psychologist Carl Jung believed we could create reality with our thoughts while occultist Madame Blavatsky wrote about seven levels of reality.

Arthur Young, inventor of the Bell helicopter, also talked about seven levels of reality or existence.

Other New Age researchers and writers such as Robert Leichtman and Carl Japiske suggest mythlogical divinities, heroes and heroines have been created down through the ages by the collective unconscous of mankind and that individuals with psychic ability can create or tap into these thought-forms and make them come alive.

And New Zealander Bruce Cathie developed what he thought was a grid system used by the UFOs. Using harmonic math he found a system with an equator identical to the Earth's magnetic equator.

"I believe it is a navigational and power system radiating energy"

 suggesting Earth as a power base Cathie said. He felt a device could be constructed to tap the power source. (4)

Researcher Gregory Little also told of a web of energy - magnetic lines crisscrossing Earth.

Perhaps detailed geophysical surveys - gravity surveys, magnetic surveys and aero-radioactivity surveys should be made of the Earth - particularly certain spots where anomolies or UFO events have been known to occur.

Readings of the earth's magnetic field during dust devils has shown dramatic positive readings and acustical obervations have been made during auroras which indicated sounds in the infrasonic range (-1-16 hz) (5)

The ancients also left a globe scarred with their massive designs. Along the Colorado River from Needles, California to Yuma, Arizona are doodles, human figures 158 feet high, pumas, horses, lizards,quail and 150 feet long snakes along with mazes, rectangles, circles and spirals; all estimated to be around 10,000 years old. 

There are 250 of the glyphs in California, Arizona and Mexico.

Similar symbols are located over the world and many sightings of UFOs include mention of strange markings on the craft - some similar to those eteched in the sands of the earth while others resemble the old astrologers symbols.

In June, 1967 a rash of mysterious horseshoe shaped markings appeared on a asphalt road in Lunenbury County, Virginia along with strange aerial noises and tv interference.



UNSOLVED MYSTERIES,  Colin Wilson, p 410-411




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